Want to add years to your roof and help save on energy cost savings?

Did you know that adding ridge vent to your home can help prevent damage such as premature aging and cracking to the roof, release moisture and increase ventilation?

🔺When you use a dishwasher, take a shower or run a washer, it can all release moisture. This moisture is one of the leading causes of damage to shingles, rafters, walls and insulation within a home. Installing a ridge vent to your roof can help to release that moisture. This is especially helpful during the winter months when moisture has a great impact on the roof. It can also prevent mildew and mold.

🔺In fact, during the summer, wind passes over the roof ridge vent and draws air out of the attic. This creates a ventilation system in which air is drawn into the underside of the vent creating a circulation system of fresh air. This prevents hot and cool spots in the attic and creates a more cooling effect to keep the attic temperatures down. This can result in real energy cost savings.

Ridge vents are the most effective and cost-effective types of roof vents available that can be added to your roof. Call/text us now to see if ridge vents are a fit for your roof 801-317-6984.

Ridge Vent Installation
Ridge vent installation in progress