Professional Ridge Vent Installation

Improve Air Circulation & Reduce Moisture in Your Attic

Red Fox Roofing recommends ridge vent installation for homes that have issues with excess heat, humidity and moisture in the attic. To alleviate these issues, our roofing team can install a ridge vent along the peak of your roof, which will allow your attic area to breathe by letting warm air and moisture escape and air to circulate.

Install A Ridge Vent

Red Fox Roofing installs ridge vents during roof replacements, roof re-covers and as a standalone service for homes that require a ventilation solution. Our installation techniques ensure your ridge vent will blend seamlessly with the rest of your roof and will not disrupt its aesthetic appearance. To learn more about ridge vents, contact us for a consultation.

Benefits of Ridge Vent Installation

Proper attic ventilation is key to a long-lasting roof, and a common method for providing this ventilation is the installation of a ridge vent. Ridge vents offer many benefits related to the performance of your roof, including preventing mold and mildew growth inside your home by controlling moisture in your attic and improving your home’s overall energy efficiency by venting warm air and protecting the integrity of the roof structure.

Ask About Roof Vent Installation for Your Home

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