Professional Swamp Cooler Removal

As a residential roofing contractor in northern Utah, Red Fox Roofing has experience dealing with all kinds of roofing issues, including swamp cooler removal. Swamp coolers that are failing or no longer operational can stand in the way of proper roof replacement or roof re-cover processes. They can also damage a new roof replacement and compromise the protection provided by your home’s roof. If you are concerned about an unused swamp cooler on your home’s roof, contact us today to learn more about this service.

Remove A Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers, also called evaporative coolers, are typically mounted on the roof of the home. When they are no longer working, they can become a threat to the integrity and performance of your roof. Specifically, an existing swamp cooler can disrupt a proper roof replacement or roof re-cover process by interrupting shingle or roofing material overlapping and sealing. The weight of the swamp cooler on the roof can also lead to long-term damage, and the cooler is a protrusion on your roof that can be susceptible to wind and storm damage. For these reasons, we may recommend having any non-operational swamp cooler removed before performing other roof repair or replacement work.

Find Out If You Should Remove Your Swamp Cooler

Call Red Fox Roofing today at 801-317-6984 to get advice on removing your swamp cooler or fill out the form and someone will get back to you right away to answer your questions.

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