We Do Flat Roof Snow Removal & Gutter Cleaning Too!

Northern Utah homeowners count on Red Fox Roofing for more than just our roofing services. We go above and beyond to help with flat roof snow removal and gutter cleaning too. Both of these services are critical for keeping your home’s roof protected and performing at its best, and they should be part of every home’s seasonal care and maintenance.

Gutter Cleaning Process

Flat Roof Snow Removal Service

When snow piles up on your flat roof during a heavy snowstorm, the weight of the snow can lead to trouble on your roof, including leaks and ice dams. While flat roofs are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight, every roof has its limits. If you are concerned about snow on your flat roof, contact us to schedule snow removal and alleviate your worry.

Gutter Clean-Up Service

Seasonal gutter cleaning is essential for keeping your gutter system flowing freely and properly directing rain and melting snow away from your home, but many homeowners are intimidated by climbing a ladder to do the job. Our team has the proper equipment to safely and easily clean your gutters for you. Contact us to schedule a gutter clean-up for your home.

Make an Appointment Today

For a snow removal or gutter cleaning appointment, call Red Fox Roofing at 801-317-6984, or submit the form on this page and a friendly member of our team will contact you to get you scheduled.

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